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Uh oh….

March 30, 2011

We have a visitor in the house.  A lousy good for nothing, stays too long, unwelcome imposter.

The dreaded stomach flu. Better known here as gastro (short for gastroenteritis).

One of the teenagers showed up early from her sleep over because her friend woke up huggin some porcelain.  The same friend she shared a bed with. The same friend she ate popcorn with and the same friend who stayed home sick from school for 2 days this week.

I knew then that we were doomed.

One kid down and three of us to go.    I swear, I’d rather have a cold for 2 weeks than stomach flu for one night.

As promised from yesterdays Black-eyed peas and kale stew post…..Carrot cake.


Carrot cake, an all time favourite is famous for being loaded with both sugar and fat.  Top it with cream cheese icing and probably one of the most popular (and deadly) desserts around.    Like Banana bread, it’s a recipe that can go a dozen different ways.

This is just one of them.  I’ve attempted to lower the sugar and replace unhealthy fats with good ones while using mostly whole wheat flour.

It was goood!  so good in fact, it was gone in 1 day.

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