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Dining out disappointment

February 22, 2011

I love going to restaurants.

Restaurants are full of trained chefs who want to cook just for me.

Restaurants take your plates away and wash them!!

Restaurants are full of cute friendly wait staff who can’t wait  for me to arrive.

Restaurants are full of the best quality food and can’t wait to show off their original menus……just to me.

Well….yes for some…..but not this one.

3 weeks ago I booked  It sits right on the Sydney harbour and boasts beautiful views and fireworks for the next 4 Saturdays.

I thought this would be nice.

We arrived right on time and there was no host/hostess to greet us or show us to our table.  Steve had to do the friendly hello! we’re here! wave. The waiter came over and showed us to our little table squeezed into the corner of the room.    First head shaker…..  I booked a table outside on the deck.

Ok fine.  I’ll sit inside and it’s true, the view is beautiful and the fireworks were cool.

Second headshaker…the waiter didn’t even ask us if we’d like a drink for exactly 20 minutes.  That’s because he was one of three servers for an evening booking of probably 40 tables.

I’d like a drink please.

Third head shaker….we ordered what sounded like a nice entrée.  Fresh tomato spanish onion oregano salad.

“Umm excuse me Mr. very busy waiter, but somebody spilled a container of cherry tomatoes with a bruised piece of oregano on top….and it fell on my plate.”

“Oh it’s only $11?  ok then, never mind.”

4th head shaker…..we arrived at 8:30.  At exactly 10:14 the entrée arrived.  That’s 1 hour and 45 minutes (I’m only good at math when I’m ready to chew someones arm off).  While I definitely don’t like to be rushed through a meal and enjoy lingering with a drink and an entrée, I was really just annoyed waiting that long for dinner.   Cherry tomatoes and red wine on an empty stomach just makes a girl want to lay down and call it a night.  My guess is there are 2 chefs preparing meals for approx, 80 people during this sitting.

5th head shaker….let’s see.  How do I describe the meals?

This is a very small piece of snapper on top of 4 tiny mussels.  Each mussel had a teeny weeny potato cube in it.   $32 thank you very much.

I started getting nervous when the man was finished and had a wild hungry look in his eyes…..he’s definitely not used to eating portions sizes meant for hobbits.

I ordered a dish named small chicken, which I now think was a Cornish hen.  It was flattened and grilled, served over about 8 oily snow peas.  The meat was all dark and not seasoned at all.    My camera could not get a good picture.  I think they turned the lights down so we couldn’t see our meals.

I had a shower and curled my hair.  I even put deodorant on.


What a waste of good deodorant.

Dessert was not happening.  All I could think about was paying another $18 for a chocolate chip cookie and since I really am a cheapskate at heart, I suggested a walk to Subway down the boardwalk rather than give this restaurant another penny to not pay their staff of 8.

Question….we all have bad restaurant experiences but which one stands out for you? This one is a winner for me….bad service, ambience, price and to top it off.  Food.      I have forgiven bad food before when another aspect has been amazing but this takes the cake for all bad dining.


Do you complete online restaurant reviews for others to use before making a reservation? I recently decided that it was something I would do for now on.  Maybe if we let each other know the dirt on a restaurant, they might feel the need to step it up a notch. Same goes for the those fabulous eateries who deserve praise.

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  1. MOM permalink
    February 23, 2011 4:45 am

    Next time don’t use any deodorant> And maybe they will make sure your food at least smells good.
    Yes bad Restaurants really annoy me when the food is God awful. I want to go into their kitchens and show them how to make what they just gave me. LOL . Last weekend I ordered some chicken soup> I thought it was full of chicken skin. And almost upchucked. But turns out it was glass noodles. Never heard of glass noodles before. SO needless to say I hated it. $8.00 a bowl . And will never buy glass noodles.

    • February 23, 2011 10:05 am

      OMG I almost spit my coffee out reading this! I guess glass noodles (aka rice noodles) would look like chicken skin if you never had them before lol! I wanted to go back into the kitchen and slap someone around when I was served that bowl of cherry tomatoes.

  2. sandra permalink
    February 24, 2011 4:05 pm

    they would spit in your food if you did ! Bastards!

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