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Another day another banana

February 16, 2011

You know how there are certain foods that people tell you they don’t like and you find yourself looking at their eyes for shiftiness, maybe they can’t focus or there’s a slight stutter.      You think their putting you on because who the hell doesn’t like deep-fried Oreo cookies dipped in whipped cream?


If researchers came out tomorrow and told me that poutine lowered my risk for melanoma, I’d be peeling the potatoes and heating up the oil right now in my bikini to take as a snack to the beach.

Sadly, both poutine and the sun are on my to not do list.   Banana cake however seems to be popular with everyone….even banana haters.    Bananas are also one of those rare ingredients that I love to watch rot.    If you were a rotting peach I’d throw you out, rotting apple and you’re gone but a big nasty brown banana means I’ve got dessert!

I do have a couple of my own banana cake recipes but Joy the Baker had one with ingredients I’m happy with and wanted to try.

Take a look at her recipe and definitely try it…it was yum.   For the peanut butter I used almond butter and for the chopped nuts I used chopped almonds.

I always always double or even triple my recipes when making loaves because they freeze so well.  When I take out a couple of slices from the freezer and toast them lightly in the oven, you would never know the cake was made a month ago.

What food can you not believe someone would dislike?

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