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For all you chocolate lovers

February 14, 2011

So many people I know have a serious love on for chocolate.

Almost obsessive.

I know how they feel.

I love shoes…..and maybe boots even more.

It is so the same thing.

I’ve stumbled upon a new food blog and I’m luvin them!  $3.33 meals is created by a vegetarian chef and photographer so not only do you get fantastic healthy recipe ideas but she gives you the great pictures to prove it.

I love how she’s created a blog with three different themes really…, photography and your grocery budget.    She proves that you don’t need to spend a pile to make high quality meals.     Her creativity makes me do one of those “why didn’t I think of that?”

I have 7 of her recipes bookmarked to try already but last night I decided to give Orange Scented Chocolate Pecan Pie a go.

Here’s how I mucked it up.

I toasted 2 cups of walnuts instead of 3 cups of pecans. I used 1 tsp of dried ginger instead of the crystallized.    I used 12 oz of 75% Lindt chocolate instead of chips and I used coconut oil instead of olive oil.   These are all ingredients I had on hand and the only reason I swapped.

Holy chocolate Batman!


melts in your mouth….

and freakin amazing!  according to Jojo.

If you are a chocolate lover then this is for you!


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