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Wrap it up Raw

January 13, 2011

With the weather hitting 30 degrees in Sydney and the humidity at 89% (yes 89), not only do I not want to heat up my non air-conditioned kitchen but I also don’t want anything too heavy to eat.

I’ve been enjoying  ice-cold green shakes during the day with lots of green tea (luke warm) and lemon.  For dinner I really just crave fresh veggies or some kind of simple soup I can do quickly in the blender.

First, go out to the field and collect as many veggies as you can carry.

just jokin my chilly Canadian friends!

Just go to the grocery store and buy some carrots, zucchini, beets, onions and a big leafy green.   I’m not sure why but I have not been able to find kale or collard greens in this part of Australia.   I miss kale.   For now I’m using the leaves of Chinese broccoli.

Cut your veggies into match sticks and cut away the hard bottom stem of your chosen green.

Spread your favorite nutbutter (I used home-made cashew butter) onto the green and then evenly place some of each cut veggie on top, add some cayenne if you like heat. Roll like you would a burrito.

Seriously people, if you haven’t tried cashew butter….then I am sad for you.    Please make some and then you can thank me and then I will be happy for you.

On the second one, mix 3 tbsp cottage cheese with 1 tbsp curry sauce and some salt and pepper.  Prepare the same as above.

This may sound weird but if you’re a curry fan then it really does taste yummer.

Yummer is so a word!

If for some reason you are curry challenged and just can’t make it happen then cottage cheese with mango chutney is totally as good.


Have 5 of these.

Or have 2 and a big bowl of soup.

Any sauce ideas for these wraps?

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