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Cleaning House

December 27, 2010
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This is the first time I’ve posted twice in one day.  I apologize for clogging up your inbox with this one especially after just sending this one.

I have some long over due house cleaning to take care of.

The house being me.

This house hasn’t been swept in a long time and the plumbing is in need of work as well.












You know how I know this?   I now have a permanent muffin top even when standing.

It’s not a pretty situation. Christmas is over and I want to feel good in my jeans again. Good meaning, I want to be able to zip them up and breathe.   I will attempt a 5 day cleanse with healthy fruits and veggies in mostly a liquid form.  Cardio will be gentle and longer than usual and weight training will be light with higher repetitions.

I hope to achieve enlightening and become one with a higher power.

Ok no I don’t.  I would just like more energy, a clear mind, better skin, positive energy and half the muffin.

I expect this to be hard.  Maybe I should say challenging?

No just really hard.

I am not a good sufferer and I almost always prefer to eat my calories.  Steve wants to join me so things could get ugly. If you would like to watch the suffering (which I am assuming will help keep me in check) then read my 5 day chronicles and I apologize in advance for all negativity, bad attitudes and grumbling tummies.

SeeMichelleCleanse will begin as soon as all the Christmas left overs have been consumed.    Pray for The teenagers.

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