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How to milk a grain

November 17, 2010

I know I’ve been preoccupied with the man’s biking drama but I haven’t forgotten about dairy free week, I swear.     As part of my quest to produce recipes cow milk free, I also wanted to challenge myself and try to recipes that seemed forbidden to those who needed to avoid it.   It’s usually easy enough to substitute milk for soy in a recipe but like the Macaroni and ‘cheese’ recipe using mostly dairy, I wanted to make a desert famous for milk ingredients.

How about a lemon mousse? When you think Mousse, what comes to mind first?   Yes silly, lemon! but what do you really think of? I think of creaminess. Sort of like a light, room temperature milk shake but with a spoon.    I’m not a mousse fan.  It reminds me of sugar laden jello puddings whipped a bit more and to be even more negative, I’m always shocked by restaurants charging $10 + for Mousse as a dessert when you can get a pack of 4 at the grocers for under $5.   Sorry.  Back to my glass is half empty mood, The teenagers and Steve love this kind of stuff so who am I to argue?   I won’t argue but I also won’t make it loaded with sugar and fat, instead I’ll do it my way and you’ll never know better…..

I found the most interesting milk substitution in a health food store and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The fact that agave was an added ingredient made me decide on a dessert.    I was so excited and pleasantly surprised that you could make ‘milk’ from the highest protein grain around.     Then again, you can milk an oat so why not other grains?   I can’t wait to try my own once the infamous Vitamix arrives!   The milk was actually very tasty and I would happily add it to a bowl of breakfast grains but too sweet for me to drink straight up.

Lemon mousse

Ummm….no recipe sorry.   It sucked.  Well it didn’t completely suck because Steve ate all 4 servings but I can’t share a recipe that I wouldn’t make again with you.  I still wanted to do the blog though for 2 reasons. First to share a failure here and there because poop happens! and 2nd because I wanted to share this very cool non dairy option that is Quinoa milk.  If you have a cow’s milk allergy then you need to try this stuff!

I even tried to make it look purty with a blue blown glass bowl and big frozen cherries.     It didn’t work.

What was the last thing you made that was a complete flop?

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