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Jojo’s oatmeal cookies

November 5, 2010

Happy Friday!  Do you ever have a dream and wake up feeling like it was a 6 hour dream?  I had one of those last night and even though I woke up 28 times in between, the dream went on and on.   People became bugs and I kept hiding all the babies.

After all that running I woke up exhausted!  I needed coffee quickly and decided to open another bottle of goodies I ordered last week.  I’ve been loving the Coconut chocolate butter on breakfast cookies and in my barleymeal (recipe to follow this weekend). Today it was Coconut Cashew Cream.

Gotta love the ingredient list but don’t gotta love the taste so much.  Disappointing because I would have thought cashew butter (my favorite)  and coconut butter (no that’s my favorite) together…would have been da bomb but it’s yucky.  It’s super oily and the taste is um…yucky.   I’m thinking the agave ads too much sweetness and kills the cashew taste.    I banish thee to future cookie batter!

Hmm…. definitely looks better than it tastes.  Oh well

Luckily one thing that turned out right was the Cherrio squares from the other night.  Steve and Alex loved them while Jo and I thought they were just ok. The whole batch went quickly and since I was still tired from saving babies from giant bugs Jo sweetly volunteered to make cookies.   I lazily called out random ingredients and measurements while she did all the hard work.    She did a great job and the cookies turned out really good.   These are full of healthy grains and super high in fiber.  They’re not very sweet so feel free to add an extra 1/2 cup of honey or agave if you like a sweeter cookie.

Jojo’s Oatmeal Cookies recipe

If you don’t like raisins these would be great with walnuts or even chocolate chips.  Another great lunch snack for the kids and so much healthier than store-bought.


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