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Tofu nuggets

October 17, 2010
by seemichellecook

Today I made a recipe that I had let go by the wayside.   When the girls were young I was constantly searching for kid friendly ways to get them to eat protein.   We didn’t eat pork or beef at the time and they were too fussy then for eggs and beans and so I came up with Tofu nuggets of course named after McDonald’s chicken nuggets.   What kid doesn’t love chicken nuggets?  They were a huge hit with the girls but an even bigger one with Steve.  I started off making them with 1 block of tofu and ended up using 3 at a time!

Like all good things you can over do it though and the girls eventually got tired of them which is why I haven’t made them in so long.    This morning I was staring into the freezer at 7 a.m. before taking the girls to school wondering what to de-thaw for dinner (and trying to wake myself up) when I spotted the frozen blocks of tofu and had a nugget flashback.      I always freeze extra firm tofu.  Freezing firm tofu changes the texture to a meatier and chewier consistency which is perfect for trying to mock it up.  This will also cause the tofu to soak even more of the flavors in because it becomes even more sponge like.    Since this recipe was really meant to fool my then little girls, I wanted to make sure I prepared it with as much chewiness as chicken and make sure that it had that crunch on the outside (without deep-frying of course).     If you’re really keen, you could shape the tofu into circles but I’m far too lazy for that!

First (and very important) freeze your block of extra firm tofu;   Once frozen, defrost in the microwave for 2 min or leave at room temp.

Remove from package and gently squeeze as much of the water as possible out of the tofu without breaking it.   Now you can shape your tofu into either cubes, rectangles or circles.

Prepare 2 small bowls.  The first will have 1 egg and 1 egg white (I find that the yolk helps bind the crumb mixture).  The second bowl will have your crumbs which I have made many different ways.  Today I’m using left over no-name Rice Krispies which for some reason the girls think suck and insist that Kellogg’s tastes nothing like.  Yeah.  No problem, I just pulse them in a processor until crumbly but not so fine that it’s dust. Remove and add to your bowl along with some seasoned salt, garlic powder and oat flour.    I’m not giving exact amount because it should be done according to taste….you could also use whole wheat flour instead or other herbs….other cereal for that matter.    Honestly I change this up every time I make it but the girls really like the crunchy cereal.  panko bread crumbs rock in this recipe!

Begin placing 4 or 5 pieces of tofu at a time in your egg mixture. Let sit for a minute or two and then cover with crumbs

Awesome!   now you’re ready bake them at a high heat (375-400 degrees) on some parchment paper until browned and crisp.  tip: I spray them with a little pam first to help the ‘crispen’ factor

Once baked your set to go!

Do not fear the tofu! These really are very yummy and can be made to suit your own taste.  The girls like dipping them in ketchup or sweet chili sauce.  We like them with bbq sauce.      on yet another side note:  I like them leftover cause….I’m me.  You however may find them a bit Michelin tire like so just beware!

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  1. Kelly permalink
    October 18, 2010 7:39 am

    I have tried to make these a couple times and they never turn out as good as your were – maybe its because I didn’t freeze the tofu first. I will give it one more try!

    • October 18, 2010 4:44 pm

      Yes definitely freeze first – it makes a big difference. Also make sure you’re using the extra firm tofu. Bake at a really high heat as well to get that crispyness. Good luck!

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