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Almond milk yogurt

October 5, 2010

This is a blog that I did a while ago and did not post because I wanted to revise it and experiment with the recipe a bit more but since I’ve been on the topic of yogurt making and one of my favorite bloggers just coincidentally requested a non dairy yogurt recipe, I am just putting it out there. Although I don’t tolerate milk products very well, yogurt is the exception.  For some reason I can eat it by the bucket loads with no adverse reactions.  I was curious though if my favorite milk replacement,  almond breeze would work since I have successfully used soy milk.     I decided to start slowly and continue using some milk because I’m pretty sure the almond milk would not be able to thicken on its own without milk solids.  There is also the challenge of having to add dairy yogurt for its probiotics at the end in order to create another yogurt from it.     For now I am playing it safe and  still adding the milk powder and some dairy yogurt starter which is a very  small amount for 2 liters of yogurt but  if you can’t tolerate dairy at all then this isn’t for you.

Add 2 boxes of Almond breeze and bring to the temperature specified by your yogurt makers directions.  I microwaved it for 17 min or until bubbles begin to form.    Once this is done let the milk sit until luke warm.   Now add 1 cup of skim milk powder and a 1/2 cup of plain dairy yogurt.  Stir, cover and set yogurt maker for 6-8 hrs.     I did this overnight and in the morning I placed the container in the fridge to thicken and cool before opening it to take a look.  It was very watery so I decided to make it into a greek yogurt by pouring it into a strainer lined with coffee filters and letting it drain in the fridge.

A couple of hrs later the almond yogurt was nice and thick.

I am very happy with the outcome!  It was creamy and delicious.  Not thick like dairy greek yogurt but instead light and fluffy with a distinctive nutty but mild flavor.     Especially good with berries and unlike regular yogurt, I didn’t have to add sweetener to cut the tartness.       I’m going to keep experimenting and see how much I can cut out dairy to make this so stay tuned!

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