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Summer days

July 31, 2010

What a day!  For the last week Alberta has been experiencing….wait for it……summer!   The temperatures have reached over 25 degrees at some point during the day and today was a very rare 32 degrees and wouldn’t you know it?  today was the day we planned on a trip to the Capital Ex and to all my friends in Eastern Canada, I would compare it with The Canadian Exhibition for Edmonton which we so fondly call simply, The Ex. I have a soft spot for The Ex and have to say that it is far better but to be fair, Edmonton is a small city and can’t possibly compete with Canada’s largest city.  The one thing I miss the most is The exhibition’s food building.  Even as a little girl it’s what I remember most…..corn dogs and Double bubble.

There would be a huge stand and buckets of my favorite bubble gum being given away.    My parents would then buy me a little plastic bag and I would happily chew all that my mouth could hold.    Toronto’s huge multi cultural community (even then) show’s itself off in all it’s glory at the food building showcasing some great curries, pad Thai’s and Jerk chicken.    Unfortunately we didn’t have any of those goodies to choose from but I did have a few very happy moments with these…

Sooo bad yet sooo good! These puppies are completely addictive and between the 4 of us we devoured 18 in 4.3 minutes!

What would a fair be without tattoos?

And on a final note I just want wish one of my most favorite people a very happy  birthday!

Wish I was there to celebrate your big day and you look beautiful!   Also at the party was this hotty that I miss every single day.  Lisa you look awesome and I need new shoes.

And to the photographer…wow!    sending you a great big hug John.  Down 63 lbs and counting, what an inspiration you are.   Don’t think I didn’t notice how you’ve surrounded yourself with ladies…..I suppose this was the only seat available?  🙂

I’m off to visit my family in Eastern Canada until Aug 10th and will probably have limited access to blogging so I hope everyone enjoys the beginning of August and eats well!

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