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Protein woes

July 19, 2010

It’s been a week of frustrating tummy problems.   Frustrating mostly because I thought I was done with all that once dairy was no longer in my life (sadly).    The cramps, bloating and fullness came back last week with a vengeance and it took me 5 whole days to finally figure it out which is a bit embarrassing because it ended up being so obvious!     I’ve been enjoying April’s protein cake with home-made Nutella and plain yogurt almost every night after dinner using Whey Protein powder.  Duh!

And no I don’t usually have to make it this pretty to eat  🙂  but after giving my friend John the wrong recipe, he sent me photos of his cake blowing up in the microwave wandering what he’d done wrong.  I felt so bad that I immediately made a batch, dressed it up and emailed him this picture hoping he would trust me and try again.   Sorry John!      So with a sigh of relief and a happy stomach, I have traded in my whey for some chocolate Rice protein.    Happily I can still have my cake and eat it too!

For anyone else with Lactose issues or any vegans out there, this is a very tasty protein powder with impressive nutrition stats if you’re looking for low calories and zero fat.  You can also make this cake recipe into muffins, or spoon dollops onto a baking pan for cookies.   It’s a great recipe to get your protein numbers up and you’ll feel like your just having dessert!

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