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Chocolate and silly bars

July 19, 2010

What a fast weekend!  It seems I blinked and it was Monday morning which is what I think happens when you leave all of your errands to Saturday and Sunday  😦   We did manage a movie and dinner but mostly a lot of running around and some needed grocery shopping.   I did manage to get in a little baking this weekend.  First I made some very yummy peanut butter cups from Vanilla kitchen with a little twist,

I added a bit of coconut butter to the dark chocolate before melting and used some home-made cashew butter as the filling instead of peanut butter.  Something else that made these taste even better was a sprinkling of Himalayan sea salt into the chocolate once it cooled a bit.  I stole this idea from my favorite Lindt chocolate and if you haven’t tried this you need to get on it!  Thanks Heather for making me think of nothing else since your peanut butter cup post!

Dinner was quick and easy this weekend thanks to left over Pesto cream.   I grilled a big piece of salmon and then spread some of the Pesto cream on top and broiled it in the oven.   Steve had this on a big salad and I had left over tofu and salad  since I’m not a huge salmon fan.

And on a Buyer Beware note….I purchased a box of Full bars this weekend hastily without realizing what they really were.  Apparently you eat one  a half hour before a meal with a glass of water and you eat less of the meal.  Ridiculous!  If you eat almost anything with a big glass of water before  a meal you’ll probably eat less.

They have puffed wheat in them and on the first bite I was racking my brain trying to figure out what they tasted like.   Then I figured it out, they tasted exactly what I would imagine styrofoam tastes like with a little sugar sprinkled on top!    ew

Looks like I need to get in the kitchen and make me some bars!

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