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Tahini and doodles

June 30, 2010

Tahini is a rich sesame seed paste most popular for being one of the main ingredients in hummus.  I’ve never been a big fan and have always preferred peanut butter in my hummus.  I find store-bought Tahini to be a bit tasteless and more bitter than nutty but I also wanted to add some nut butter to my veggie burger recipe last weekend not only for consistency but also as a binder so I made a small batch instead.   I made this in my magic bullet but any food processor should be able to do the job.

This is nothing like jarred Tahini and I stopped blending it just enough to still get a bite of sesame seed now and then.

1 cup sesame seeds

3 tbsp grape seed oil (any oil will do but I wanted something with very little flavor)

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

The sugar is optional but I found that it really cut the bitterness of the seed.   If you wanted to use the Tahini alone or as a spread or dip then a squirt of lemon juice or some chopped cilantro would be great!  Next time I’ll also toast the sesame seeds for even more flavor.

On another note…..I found my camera!!   The people at the SPCA were so helpful and during a meeting with the vendors after the event they inquired if anyone had found one and surprisingly they had.   My faith in the kindness of strangers has been renewed….I can honestly say that I never expected to see my camera again.     I’m happy I was so wrong!  Here are some pictures of the event.

This was a Goldendoodle that looked so much like Daisy who is a Labradoodle that we were completely taken aback!  She is obviously much bigger than Daisy but notice how their faces are exactly alike.  Crazy!

This was a little Labradoodle about 2 years old with light brown fur.   So cute!   I think Daisy needs a friend….

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  1. Lisa permalink
    July 3, 2010 6:58 am

    I think you need a friend!

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