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Hummus in bulk

June 24, 2010

Whenever I make hummus (and I’ve made my share!) I always make a hummungous batch….(sorry).    First because the man loves it and can eat it in ridiculous quantities and second because it freezes so well.   I do the same with falafels so one of the easiest meals to whip up on a busy night is leftover hummus and falafels.  Last night I made two different plates since I had left over raw falafels and crackers for myself and Steve isn’t yet a fan so I gave him cut up veggie burgers and couscous with baked pitas.   First though….a yummy fresh salad.

This was a simple ‘Greek’ salad (sorta) of chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow peppers, dried oregano, salt n pepper, lots of fresh lemon juice , crumbled feta cheese AND…. fresh parsley from my garden!    My herbs are growing like wild fire which is fine with me cause I can keep up no problem.  Next the hummus….

This is the second container which I’ll freeze.   Next time I make this I will write down a recipe to share but like always, I was a bit rushed and just tossed ingredients into a blender until it tasted right to me.  hummus can be made sooo many different ways so it’s fun to just use what you have on hand.  After cooking the chick peas add to a blender along with some of the bean water (or liquid from the can).   Now add lots of fresh lemon juice (I like it tart), salt n pepper to taste, fresh garlic (again I add a ton of garlic), toasted cumin powder, paprika, chili powder and my secret ingredient…..raw whole peanuts.  If you have no peanuts then natural peanut butter is perfect.   I prefer the richer flavor peanuts give over tahini.   Along with parsley I have 2 cilantro plants growing very happily so I cut off about 1 full cup to add to the hummus.   Blend until smooth… you can decide whether to add some water/oil/lemon juice to thin it out but I make a very thick hummus to use in wraps and sandwiches so thin would just make everything soggy.   You decide!

Here is my plate with raw crackers and my version of raw falafels (I will give the recipe for the next batch).

The man’s dinner…..left over veggie burgers, whole wheat couscous and baked pita chips

Wish I could say the kids ate this but….not even close!   ah well, one day.


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