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Happy fathers day!

June 21, 2010

I hope all the dads out there had a great day and were spoiled!   My dad lives in another province and unfortunately I don’t get to see him nearly as much as I would like to but we do talk on the telephone and sometimes like girlfriends…..we talked for an hour on Friday!     I of course don’t make it any easier by semi-regularly changing Provinces or even Countries so I always love chatting with him and I always miss him!

And for the father of this house, well like my dad he doesn’t ask for much and today all he wanted was a Grande Misto at Starbucks for breakfast and then a Banana split at Dairy Queen (which also happens to be my dads fav) for dessert after dinner.

With eyes like that, how can I say no to extra whipped cream?

Can you see my Venti bold???   I had to throw in some cute photography here sorry!!

The Grill and the Chill otherwise known as Dairy Queen.

I’m not sure if this dad chose the Grill and Chill for himself or his two biggest fans but on a day as rare as today at 27 degrees

here in Edmonton…..who cares!

Happy Fathers day dad and Steve!

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