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blowing bubbles and eating beans

June 15, 2010

Do you remember blowing bubbles?  If you’re like me and struggle with childhood memories (I swear I was born when I was 12) then maybe you can remember blowing bubbles with your little ones?    For some unknown reason my not so little ones asked me to buy them some bubble ‘stuff’ this weekend.     So while buying groceries on Saturday we bought them a huge container.   Oddly enough, they’ve been blowing bubbles ever since!

This bubble tool was made from a left over tomato cage…how smart is that?

Just when I worry that they’re growing up too fast…..

I ended up getting home from the gym past 7 last night so dinner had to be simple and quick.  Luckily whenever I soak and cook beans for a meal I cook extra and freeze in a Ziploc so last night I used left over black-eyed peas.  In a large frying pan I sautéed 1 diced onion and  5 cloves of garlic in a good amount of olive oil.  Once these were soft I added about 2 cups of beans, 1 can of diced tomatoes and lots of broccoli that I had already steamed in the microwave just until tender.   For spices I added a couple of tsp of dried basil, oregano, cayenne and salt n pepper.   It doesn’t get easier than that!  Steve had his with whole wheat spaghetti but I thought it was hardy enough on its own.

And plenty of leftovers for lunch!

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