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Reduced Balsamic vinegar

June 14, 2010

I make a balsamic vinegarette  once a week to go with our daily salad .  It constantly changes according to what I have on hand.  Each time I grocery shop I try to always include a bunch of fresh herbs and although I never actually have a plan for them I know that just having them in the fridge makes me think about it and if they are not used in a marinade for veggies, chicken or fish then inevitiably they go into the salad dressing.  This week I bought a huge bottle of Madiera balsamic and after making some ‘dill dressing’ I decided to reduce the rest.   Reduced Balsamic sounds gourmand but it’s actually super easy to do and unlike restaurants that like to make pretty little dots on your plate, I use it as a condiment instead of decoration.  Have you ever had reduced balsamic on berries over ice cream?   How about drizzling it on roasted pecans with your salad?    You can also choose to reduce it to the thickness you like.  Today I made about 2 cups into a 1/2 cup of thick molasses type reduction.

I simmered the vinegar gently for close to an hour but keep checking it until the desired thickness is reached.

I poured the finished reduction into a small mason jar.

If your reduction gets too thick it can be microwaved to soften it before use.     After tasting this, you’ll always want to have some on hand!

It was a hot and gorgeous weekend, yesterday hit 26 degrees but not surprisingly it’s around 12 degrees right now.  That’s the ever-changing Alberta weather!   I decided to bbq some cod last night with a simple lemon and dill sauce and with it I roasted a red pepper and a small zucchini.

After removing the charred skin from the pepper, I just diced the veggies into small pieces and mixed with some brown rice. I added some salt n pepper, a bit of thyme and of course a diced Serrano pepper for some heat!   Dinner was super simple, fresh and delicious.

OOps!   forgot to add the finishing picture!

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  1. Lisa permalink
    June 15, 2010 2:03 am

    I miss you and your cooking. I love balsamic reduction.

  2. Steve permalink
    June 15, 2010 3:44 pm

    The dill was a little strange but I liked it!


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