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Farmers market take 2

June 13, 2010

It being Saturday I was determined to try out another farmers market in hope of  it being the one I would frequent for the summer.  Although this was a very nice market and I had a lot of fun checking it out,  it still isn’t one that I would go back to each weekend mainly because of so little produce being sold.     This is a small market set up right downtown Edmonton which is only a 10 min drive from home so after coffee at Starbucks we took a walk over to check it out.     It was a beautiful day and perfect for some outdoor shopping.      Like last weeks market this one had a variety of stands selling jewelry, clothing, hats and art work which is great and I saw some beautiful pieces but…..I would love to see more food and not necessarily fruits and vegetables.  My favorite sellers are those that have created. packaged, marketed and now share their products at a farmers market.   Today I found a few that I was truly impressed with mainly because I know the amount of work that it takes from start to finish.    I’m not sure that people realize what goes in to any kind of business that has to do with food.   I do because I’ve attempted it before and believe me, it is not easy!

This lady made her own garlic Rosemary crackers, all organic along with organic salad dressings and soup.  Alex (my eldest) ate a whole bag of the crackers on her own!

This stand had all vegetarian sauces

This was a very cool stand with every kind of dried mushroom you could think of.    I was very tempted to get a bunch of different kinds and make a mushroom soup but sadly I’m the only one in my house who likes them 😦

I have never seen coconut popcorn before and I wish the couple who was selling it was giving out samples.  I would have bought a bag but I’m not crazy about eating food colouring (even though it’s not listed on the ingredients).

These were delicious organic, fresh boiled peanuts.  This is a snack where I could do some serious damage!

One of the few veggies out were these Huge beefsteak tomatoes.   I only bought 2 (for $6!) but they made amazing sandwiches for lunch (check out next blog).

Here are my 2 patient market followers and missing below is Daisy.  Steve otherwise known as my “packhorse” and Alex who stayed quiet by many feedings and samples along the way!    Next Saturday is the opening of the St. Albert Farmers Market which is supposed to be the biggest in Edmonton.   I can’t wait!

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