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Buffalo burgers and veggie dogs

June 7, 2010

When we lived downtown Toronto there was a hot dog stand right outside of our apartment all summer long.  These are not just any hot dogs, these are big fat steamed dogs and sausages and I have fond memories of leaving bars as a teenager and sharing one of these loaded with mustard and sauerkraut with a friend.   Toronto is famous for them and in the last few years they have started offering veggie dogs and I was surprised to find out that these were the best veggie dogs I’ve ever tasted!  Since then I’ve been on a quest to find ones that measure up because Josee my youngest loved them and I really don’t like giving her the over processed, carcinogen loaded ones you find in the grocery store.    Sadly I’ve had little luck and yesterday was no different with St. Yves veggie dogs. I agree with her, it was lacking the consistency and tasted ‘fake’.    I do like their other products and they make a really good veggie burger but one bite was all it was gettin!        I’ll keep searching.

Steve on the other hand enjoyed his bison burger.  I found organic already formed burgers yesterday at the market and bbq’d one on my very cheap very sad bbq last night.  Knowing that our stay here in Edmonton would be temporary, I opted to purchase a $99 bbq and now I’m getting what I paid for!  It took about 15-20 min to cook this tiny little buffalo burger ….on high!    ah well, lesson learned.     The twice baked potato with rosemary always makes everything better!   I had the same but with my raw bread and a veggie burger.

Turns out the Habanero mustard was really good…..very spicy but not overwhelming.

In between farmers markets, dog parks, buffalo burgers and working out this weekend I did manage to finally plant my garden!

I’m hoping they all make it considering being lugged around from deck to shed to deck while waiting for decent weather.   They look a  little worse for wear so I’m keeping my fingers cross.    Today was a crazy day so leftovers for everyone, hope it was a good weekend all around!

Daisy is becoming an excellent ball catcher with the dog park so close to us now.

Edmonton hit 23 on Sunday!!

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