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Raw fascination

June 6, 2010

I’m becoming more and more fascinated with raw eating and raw cooking, actually anything that has to do with ‘The raw movement’ has me intrigued. It all started a few months ago when I went on a recipe search for anything that contained ‘greens’ and actually tasted good. I love all vegetables but as I mentioned before, greens make me feel like a picky annoying little kid – I refuse to eat them. Or should I say I ‘refused’. Up until I discovered my new favorite shake which I’ve been having faithfully everyday now for weeks. Yesterday I even blended my steel cut oats with kale! I have to confess that many other ingredients go into these concoctions like cinnamon, flax, chocolate protein powder, stevia and almond milk but every day is different and every day I’m loving it more. Today I added fresh ginseng root and strawberries.

I add about a 4 inch piece to my shake (which you can’t taste don’t worry). Ginseng is great for extra energy before a workout.

That’s my tray of ‘shake’ ingredients in the background.

I found this very cool hard plastic ‘soda cup’ at Bed bath and beyond which is solely dedicated to the green morning drink. I’m also making raw bread/crackers today but it’ll take a few hours so I’ll show you my bag of sprouts tomorrow and test out the bread!

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